Facial Spa Loyalty Package


Nu Skin® Facial Spa Loyalty Package

Nu Skin has unlocked the future of skin care with its in-home spa, the Nu Skin® Facial Spa with Conductive Gel. Using micro current technology, this powerful combination stimulates and tones the skin resulting in an improved appearance.

Nu Skin Facial Spa
Conductive Gel
ageLOC Rejuvenating Gel Mask
NaPCA Moisture Mist
Facial Spa Brochure

**Please note, there are limited quantities remaining for the gray bag included with the Facial Spa. The bag will only be included while supplies last, and then it will be removed from the contents list of this package.

* Does not earn ADR points

By purchasing the Facial Spa Loyalty Package you will receive a 20% discount on the purchase of the Facial Spa Package. With this discounted package, you agree to purchase the Facial Spa Loyalty Refill ADR for a minimum of five months. After 5 months of loyalty you will receive a bonus of 150 ADR Points—that is $150 worth of FREE product.


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