ageLOC Me Loyalty Package


ageLOC® Me Loyalty Package

ageLOC Me Device
ageLOC Me Reference Set
ageLOC Me AC Power Adapter
ageLOC Gentle & Cleanse & Tone

Note: This package will be discontinued on February 18. If this is on your ADR, it will be removed on February 18. Please adjust your ADR accordingly, if needed.

* Does not earn ADR points

By purchasing the ageLOC Me Loyalty Package you will receive more than a 20% discount on the purchase of the ageLOC Me Starter Set. With this discounted package, you agree to purchase ageLOC Me Custom Sets for a minimum of five months. After 5 months of loyalty you will receive a bonus of 150 ADR Points—that is like getting the ageLOC Me Device for free.

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