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The Body Burn 30 program is designed to help you look leaner and healthier in just 30 days by applying the 3 pillars of success: exercise, diet, and supplementation.


Competition Entry

Before and after pictures are crucial.  Click the link below and use the pictures as an example when doing your before and after photos. Please do not put date, day, or other watermarks on your photos. High quality photos will enhance your results.


As you are completing the Body Burn 30 Program, make sure to record your key statistics (pounds lost, inches lost, etc.) as well as take photos at days 1 and 30. At the end of the program, come back and enter the Body Burn 30 Competition! 


Example Pictures


Participants will be judged based upon improvements in their key statistics and on their before and after pictures. Body shaping will be weighed more heavily than weight loss.


Fill out the following form to enter the Body Burn 30 Competition:


Applicants may participate in the 30 day segment in which they purchased their package. You may participate without completing the full 30 days, although completing a full 30 day segment will provide better results.


Enter by 11:59 pm the 14th of each month to be eligible to win.



Photo Consent/Release**

Before & After Pictures

Pictures must not contain any text overlays

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1. The purpose of this Competition is to promote healthy body shaping and weight loss.  Please consult your doctor before beginning a rigorous program of diet and exercise.  Competition participants who, in Nu Skin’s sole opinion, have lost an unhealthy amount of weight or who have engaged in any other unhealthy practices, will be disqualified.


2. Nu Skin reserves the right, for any reason or no reason, to refuse to post any submitted photos, or to remove any photos that have already been posted in connection with the Competition.


3. Competition qualifiers will be notified and rewards made available within a month of the Competition’s termination.


4. All rewards are subject to availability.  Nu Skin reserves the right to modify the reward without prior notification.


5. Nu Skin reserves the right to withhold final approval of any and all Competition rewards pending verification of compliance with the Competition rules, terms and conditions.   Nu Skin reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or discontinue the Competition if any participant misconduct or other such actions impair the integrity of the Competition, or if otherwise required by law.


6. Participants must purchase one(1) 30 day BODY BURN 30 Kit each month to be eligible to participate.


7. This Competition will terminate on the 14th of each month.


8. Nu Skin reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Competition and awards in its sole discretion. Nu Skin also reserves the right to interpret the rules of the Competition at its sole discretion and all company decisions shall be final.


9. Nu Skin reserves the right to disqualify and/or exclude from the Competition, in its sole and absolute discretion, any individual or distributorship for any reason or for no reason, including without limitation, violation of any portion of these official rules.


10. All Competition deadlines are subject to change without notice. The value of awards may be considered taxable income to the Competition participants, and all taxes are the sole responsibility of the participants who receive any awards. The Company reserves the right to decide which and how any awards of the Competition will be given and all Company decisions shall be final.


11. The Competition is void where prohibited by law and subject to all federal/provincial/state/local laws and regulations. Nu Skin reserves the right to substitute awards of equal or greater value.


12. The laws of the State of Utah shall govern the Competition, and participants in the Competition who are distributors of Nu Skin hereby consent to the resolution of any disputes with regard to the Competition solely through the process described in the Mediation and Arbitration Policy noted in the Distributor Policies and Procedures. All such mediation and arbitration will be performed within the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of Utah. Each participant waives any and all objections to jurisdiction and venue and dispute resolution procedures. The Competition may only be participated in or from the United States and Canada, and only by legal residents of those markets. Distributors from any other jurisdiction or non residents of the jurisdictions listed above are not eligible. By participating, participants release and hold harmless Nu Skin Enterprises, its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all liability for any injuries, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with the Competition or receipt or use of any awards. Award recipients may not use awards as income claims in promotion of the business opportunity.


13. Acceptance of any award shall constitute and signify the award recipient’s agreement and consent that their name, address, likeness, before and after photos, testimonials or other material submitted in connection with the Competition and/or award information can be used for promotional purposes by Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates without further payment or consideration to the award recipient.  Nu Skin shall have the right to copyright any materials provided under this Competition and to use the materials, in whole or in part, in any medium and for any purpose whatsoever.




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