g3® Juice 2 pack

 Gâc Superfruit Blend

g3® is a nutrient-rich juice from the prized gâc "Superfruit" of Southern Asia, whose nutritional benefits have been scientifically demonstrated to protect cells. Among gâc's potent phytonutrients are a unique and highly-bioavailable form of carotenoids called "lipocarotenes" that provide powerful antioxidants which support healthy immune function. The g3® formula was developed with 3 additional super fruits - Chinese lycium, Siberian pineapple, and cili fruit - that synergistically provide exponential benefits. g3® has a refreshing flavour that is deliciously sweet, slightly tart and can be enjoyed daily by everyone in the family.

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Product Details

  • Testimonials

    "I love g3! After a glass in the morning i feel ALIVE, MOTIVATED and ENERGISED!"

    Tanya Faux, World Champion Whitewater Kayaker, Australia

  • Benefits
    • Provides highly bioavailable antioxidants to reduce free radical attacks
    • Contains unique lipocarotenes™ which attract and bind important antioxidants and facilitate their absorption into the body
    • Helps support cellular growth and maintenance
    • Potent formula synergistically provides exponential benefits through maintenance of strong vascular and cellular systems
    • Supports healthy immune function
    • SCS Certified™ - improves Skin Carotenoid Score with the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner
  • Usage
    g3 is the perfect compliment to a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, exercising, and taking LifePak™. g3 is recommended for adults and children who need to increase their servings of fruits and vegetables, are frequently exposed to free radical damage, and are interested in boosting their antioxidant intake.

    Drink 30 mL with your morning and evening meals, or 60 mL once a day with a meal. For optimal results, take with LifePak™. Shake before using. Shake well to ensure proper mixing of lipocarotenes&trade. Refrigerate after opening. Store in a cool, dark place.
  • Ingredients
    Supplement Facts
    Servings Per Container: 12.5
    Serving Size: 60mL (2fl. oz.)
    Quantity per serving
    Energy 167 kj(40 cal)
    Protein 0g
    Fat Total 0 g
        saturated 0 g
    Sodium 10 mg
    Carbohydrate, Total 10 g
        sugars 8 g
    Vitamin C 60 mg
    Proprietary Juice Blend (Gâc, Siberian Pineapple, Cili, Chinese Lycium), Pear Concentrate, Grape Concentrate, Apple Concentrate, Acerola, Natural Flavour, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Ascorbic Acid, Xanthum Gum, Pectin.