Ai/E10 Ultra


Ai/E10® Ultra

with Colostrum MFT®
Ai/E10 Ultra contains a unique combination of bovine colostrum ingredients—utilizing a patented process to produce Colostrum MFT and a proprietary application of antigen-infused colostrum. These ingredients boost primary immune functions and support immune cell communication by providing a concentrated spectrum of supplemental immune antibody proteins and low molecular weight molecules (under 100kDa).

*Ai/E10 is a registered trademark of Quantum Research

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Product Details

  • Benefits

    • Provides a boost to your body’s own natural immune function and activity.

    • Provides substances involved in immune cell communication including interleukins, interferon, and other memory transfer factors.

    • Provides a broad spectrum of immune proteins, including immunoglobulin G, to supplement those naturally produced by your body.

    • Provides additional low molecular weight molecules including cytokines, lactoferrin, lysozymes, defensins, and disaccharides.

    • Supports the immune system’s role in weakening and destroying harmful organisms in the gut while neutralizing toxic waste products.

  • Usage

    Take two (2) capsules twice daily with your morning and evening meals.