Nutriol Shampoo


Nutriol® Shampoo

Revitalizes and strengthens hair.

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Product Details

  • Benefits
    • Promotes healthy, abundant hair.
    • Revitalizes and strengthens hair.
    • Increases the availability of key nutrients and vitamins to thehair follicle.
    • Remineralizes and hydrates hair, improving volume and shine.
    • Safe for color-treated hair.
    • Safety-dermatologist tested.
  • Usage
    • Apply Nutriol Shampoo to wet hair (this advanced formula is low lathering—do not use an excessive amount to create lather)
    • Massage gently into scalp and hair
    • Rinse thoroughly with warm water
    • Follow with Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment
  • Ingredients
    Tricalgoxyl® rich in kelp sulphated oligosaccharides (polysaccharides), was developed by a European laboratory with over 40 years of experience in the field of trichology (the study of hair and scalp treatment). Derived from a particular species of brown algae (seaweed) grown and collected on the Iroise Biosphere Reserve in France, Tricalgoxyl® works with other essential ingredients to remineralize the scalp and help hair regain its natural health, strength, and shine.