Nu Skin 180° Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System


180 Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System

Turn your complexion around. Nu Skin 180° Anti-Aging system enhances your skin’s natural cell renewal rate and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.

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  • Usage

    Step One: Face Wash
    Step Two: Skin Mist
    Step Three: Cell Renewal Fluid
    Step Four: UV Block Hydrator SPF 18

    Step One: Face Wash
    Step Two: Skin Mist
    Step Three: Cell Renewal Fluid
    Step Four: Night Complex


    180 System/Galvanic/Tru Face Usage
    Step 1: Cleanse: (180 Face Wash or Nutricentials Cleansers)

    Step 2: Tone: (180 Skin Mist or toner of choice) (note if using more than one toner, please apply toners that would be wiped on prior to applying spray on toner, I.E. apply the Tru Face Priming Solution before the 180 Skin Mist if you are using both toning products)

    Step 3: Galvanic Treatment: Galvanic Spa Facial Gels (use as suggested 1x per day only, AM or PM, 2-3 times per week). Tru Face Line Corrector + Galvanic Spot Treatment, twice daily, AM and PM, everyday.

    Step 4: Treatment Preparation: 180 Skin Mist (Additional step for those using the 180 System).

    Step 5: Treatment: 180 Cell Renewal Fluid, Tru Face Instant Line Corrector, Tru Face Essence Ultra.

    Step 6: Hydrate and Protect: 180 UV Block Hydrator, AM. 180 Night Complex PM.

    Note: The above is provided to outline a suggested order of use for individuals with non-sensitive skin and the 180 System.

  • Collection Contents

    Nu Skin 180°® Face Wash
    features 10 percent vitamin C to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone.

    Nu Skin 180°® Skin Mist
    contains di- and tri-peptides from hydrolyzed rice protein to help erase the appearance of lines and wrinkles and HMW Complex to help calm the skin and reduce potential irritation.

    Nu Skin 180°® Cell Renewal Fluid
    formulated with 15 percent PHAs to enhance the skin’s natural cell turnover rate, which improves texture, radiance, and pore size while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Nu Skin 180°® UV Block Hydrator SPF 18
    features DNA repair enzymes to help diminish the signs of sun damage and micronized zinc oxide to provide full spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

    Nu Skin 180°® Night Complex
    contains creatine to enhance the skin’s nighttime repair process, promote collagen production, and keep skin smooth, soft, and vibrant.