Golden LightShine Ingredients

Nu Colour LightShine Ingredients

With our Nu Colour Launch in February, we are very excited about this new line of makeup and ever MORE excited about their fantastic ingredients.


All of the Nu Colour LightShine range includes ingredients that are perfect for fighting signs of ageing and contributing towards a beautiful, youthful looking skin.


We’ve decided to shine a light on a few of these fantastic ingredients, because who doesn’t love a sneak-peak?


Sepilift | a plant derived, oil soluble agent that prevents wrinkles by stimulating collagen fibres and breaking down free radicals


Mulberry Root Extract | Contains antioxidants that work to brighten and improve uneven skin tone


Kahai Oil | Rich in Vitamins E, F and Retinol, this natural anti-ageing ingredient restores radiance and provides long lasting hydration


Hyalurosmooth | A botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid, proven to smooth and fill fine lines and wrinkles with high moisturising properties that bind to the skin’s surface