Tegreen 97, 30 caps


Tegreen 97® - 30 Capsules

Tegreen 97© is a dietary supplement to support the immune system in the presence of pollution, stress and toxins. Tegreen 97® is an exclusive preparation of green tea leaf extract, which may help to support the antioxidant defence in the body. At this basic level, daily supplementation with Tegreen 97® may be considered a first line of dietary defence for health protection.
Servings: 7-day supply, 30 capsules

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  • Benefits
    Tea is one of the world's most popular beverages, second only to water. The health-promoting benefits of green tea have been recognised in China for thousands of years. Although green and black tea are derived from the same plant (Camellia sinensis), there are significant differences in their preparation. Black tea is withered, rolled, fermented and dried for curing. Through this process, the bioactive polyphenols of the fresh leaf are oxidised and black tea loses its full complement of beneficial polyphenols. Green tea, on the other hand, is prepared from lightly steamed and dried leaves of the tea plant. The steaming process inactivates the enzymes responsible for oxidation leaving the polyphenol content inactive and resulting in a product with a chemical composition very similar to that of the fresh leaf. Most of the therapeutic benefits of green tea are due to the catechins, which are polyphenols with a flavonoid structure. Recent studies have demonstrated that the polyphenols in green tea, particularly the catechin component, offer potent antioxidant activity through the scavenging of free radicals. Free radicals, which are involved in the damage of cellular constituents including DNA, are often the result of exposure to dietary, occupational, and environmental toxins. Tegreen 97 provides stronger protection of free radical damage to cells and their genetic material (DNA) than the well-known antioxidants vitamins E and C, and the antioxidant compound found in red wine. Tegreen 97 is caffeine-free and should not produce the stimulant effect caused by the consumption of caffeine-containing beverages in some people.
    Natural Antioxidants (comparison of daily intake)
    One Capsule of Tegreen 97 (caffeine free)= 80 times more effective than Vitamin C*
    = 10 times more effective than Vitamin E*
    = 3 glasses of red wine
    = 7 cups of green tea
    = 8 glasses of grape juice
    = 4 glasses of iced tea
    *Based on in vitro studies (Kansas University, 1997)
    Skin Benefits
    Healthy skin is an important aspect of beauty, but sun, gravity, free radical damage and a poor diet take their toll on healthy, youthful-looking skin. The interlacing of collagen with elastin (a protein found in the body's elastic tissues) gives skin its strength, elasticity and smoothness. Frequent or prolonged sun exposure is a major contributor of premature aging and wrinkles because the sun's ultraviolet rays generate free radicals in the skin - a threat to firm, youthful skin. Free radicals attack collagen and may contribute to an older-looking face. Although sunscreen should always be used, antioxidant supplementation may offer some protective benefits to the skin from free radical damage and the effects of ultraviolet rays. Dental Health Benefits
    Modern research reveals many ways in which green tea is friendly to teeth. Green tea inhibits the growth of bacteria associated with the normal deposit of unwanted or unhealthy materials that may build up on the surface of teeth after eating certain foods.
  • Usage
    As a dietary supplement, take one (1) to four (4) capsules daily; preferably one (1) to two (2) each morning and evening with food
  • Ingredients
    Tegreen 97™ is an exclusive preparation of green tea leaf extract (20:1) (Camellia sinensis) standardised to 97% polyphenols in which 65% are the catechins. Each capsule is equivalent to the polyphenol content of approximately 7 cups of green tea without caffeine. Tegreen 97 is one the most concentrated level of green tea polyphenols available in a dietary supplement, and is carefully standardised through advanced technologies and proprietary methods.

    Each Tegreen 97 capsule contains:
    Camellia sinensis (green tea) extract equiv. dry leaf 5g 250 mg